The Free Range
Nempnett Turkeys

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Day Old Poults

All of our turkeys arrive on the farm as day old poults hatched by The Kelly family at Farm Gate Hatcheries and go straight into our brooders which are kept at the perfect temperature with plenty of clean shavings, fresh food and water.


They are very fragile at this age, so take a lot of looking after, good job they are very cute, its never a chore checking the turkey poults!


out on the range

When the turkeys have grown all their feathers they are ready to go out onto the range, this is usually when they are about 6-8 weeks old. They get let out first thing in the morning and we shut them back in their spacious barn for the night.

The turkeys love being outside, especially in the late afternoon; eating foliage and bugs really enhances the flavours and juices of their meat. Spending most of their time outside, these birds mature very slowly making them even more tender and delicious.  


Grow slow

At Nempnett Pastures we believe quality should never be rushed so our turkey's are traditionally grown slower than most; over 22 weeks in fact. This allows them time to develop slowly; putting less strain on their bones and muscles so they can grow strong and healthy, maturing when they would naturally. 

These turkeys are fed a traditional turkey feed, which is free from growth hormones and antibiotics. If you want an organically fed turkey, free from all chemicals and GMO's, check out our 2021 'Properly Pasture Raised' turkey trial, we are really excited about this and hope it will be our main turkey production model in the future.

and hand processed individually on farm and game hung for at least 7 days in our chiller, this is also known as ageing which is a term you might recognise when buying 'proper' beef. It's done to allow the meat to tenderise and relax, resulting in more succulent and juicy meat with crispy skin, the perfect combination. This is very labor intensive and obviously quite a costly part of our operation, and can only be done if the bird is dry plucked, but its vital for the quality and is just one of many other things that sets us apart from the supermarkets.

Nempnett Turkeys are well loved and looked after with the upmost care to produce a bird that has had a long, happy life and ultimately taste perfect on Christmas Day.

Their one bad day

When the time comes for our turkeys to have their 'one bad day' (the getting ready for the table bit!), all of our birds are humanly slaughtered, dry plucked