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Farm Feasts

Guest Chefs

We are blessed to work with some of the best chefs in the industry. We are even more blessed when they accept an invitation to come and cook for you; our customers, on our farm using our meat.. It doesn't get much better than that!


Darren Broom

Master of Fire, Food, and Foraged Flavours

Darren Broom, the mastermind behind the culinary magic at Pythouse Kitchen Garden, isn't your average chef. He's a fire-wielding artist, a champion of local bounty, and a storyteller through taste.

For four years, Darren led the kitchen at an organic farm in Cornwall, where self-sufficiency and farm-to-table practices became deeply ingrained in his philosophy. This ethos continues to be the cornerstone of his work at Pythouse.

Darren isn't just a chef; he works hand-in-hand with the gardeners, ensuring the freshest seasonal food finds it's way onto your plate. Provenance isn't just a buzzword for Darren; it's the very soul of his dishes, and we can vouch for this as he's been very supportive of our work here at Nempnett Pastures, putting our meat on his menu when ever he can.


Darren isn't afraid to push boundaries and try new things. He takes inspiration from the past, reimagining classic dishes with a modern twist. His passion for fermentation, butchery, and preserving techniques adds another layer of intrigue to his kitchen skills.


Put simply Darren is a chef who respects tradition, embraces the wild, and transforms fire into a culinary symphony and we're so lucky to have him cook on our farm for you guys for the very first time, we can't wait!

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