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Nempnett Beef

100% Grass Fed  /  Home produced  /  Holistically Managed

Our beef is from our traditional suckler herd, which means our calves spend their first year of life with their mother; drinking her milk, and eating our pasture, with no chemical inputs or artificial fertilisers. We holistically manage our cattle moving the herd daily to fresh pasture; meaning our beef is helping us to build soil and enhance our local environment. When the time comes, the animals are over 2 years old and humanely dispatched at a local abattoir only 10 minutes from the farm. They are then dry-aged for a minimum of 21 days, and butchered by the hands of our experienced butcher. The result of all this hard work is evident in the quality of the meat and the depth of its flavour, this is beef inspired by nature to be enjoyed by you.