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Our Ethos

Regenerative  /  Natural  /  Local


Inspired by Nature

Reconnecting you with your food

We want to reconnect you with your food, and the people who produced it. But not just any old food, we want to produce high quality, nutrient dense food, using regenerative farming practices which protect our planet and respect our animals. We would love to build relationships with you, our customers and always continue to improve to meet your needs, adding new products and experiences as we progress along our journey.

Holistic Management

Ever since we completed a Holistic Management course with 3LM and the Savory Hub, we started to look at things differently. 

Not so long ago we liked things tidy, mown fields, even length grass, trimmed hedges.. oh how naive we were.  We would see a thistle, and immediately want to kill it by either spraying it with chemicals or cut down.

Now however we see a thistle as a thing of beauty, here to do a job we just have to figure out what that job is. Just like any weed, they have a purpose and usually arrive to fix something, it could be as simple as to add diversity, or aerate compacted soil or balance out soil nutrient profiles, feed insects, protect a young oak sapling.. the list goes on and on. 

A bugs life

We have changed how we manage the grazing of our cows; allowing the plants to have a longer recovery period between grazing and letting them express their full natural potential and the results are spectacular. Our pastures are full of life; butterflies, crickets, bees, dragon flies, beetles... the list is endless, it just brings such joy to be around. When you have more insects you naturally get more birds, and more birds bring more song, the sounds of birds singing amongst buzzing insects is probably the most relaxing experience on earth.

It wasn't that long ago when every time you went for a drive you had insects splattered all over your windscreen and bonnet, but this doesn't seem to be the case anymore. We have lost a lot of our insects, but its not too late to bring them back, we just need to look at our land differently, understand the complexity of nature and learn how to manage with it not against it. If we continue fighting nature we will loose, its just a matter of when.

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