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Regenerative Agriculture

For the respect of our planet, we shall love our soil.

Holding Soil

What is "Regenerative Agriculture"?

For years we have been focusing on how to farm "sustainably", however given the current state of our climate; this just isn't good enough. We need to be regenerative! "Regenerative Agriculture" is described as farming and grazing practices that along with other benefits reverse the harmful effects of climate change through the rebuilding of top soil by drawing down carbon from the atmosphere and storing it safely in the soil, where it feeds microbes, which feeds plants, which either feed us or animals that then feed us along with improving all of the ecosystem processes. 

This soil carbon will remain stable in our soils and out of the atmosphere as long as we don't cultivate (plough/disturb) our land, if we do cultivate the carbon release is like the 'fizz' when opening a can of coke!

Why do we need to be Regenerative?


We are currently loosing our top soil faster than we can re-build it, and our biodiversity is going with it. This is serious, we cannot survive without top soil.


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